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Download Ebook Die Again – Tess Gerritsen

Download Ebook Die Again-Tess Gerritsen:

Download ebook Die Again-Tess Gerritsen

Download ebook Die Again-Tess Gerritsen

Overview Ebook Die Again-Tess Gerritsen:

Tess Gerritsen delivers another outstanding thriller in her continuing series featuring Boston police Detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles.

The murder of a big game hunter spurs the duo into action. The victim was bound and hung upside down like a hunter stringing up his prey after a successful kill. His body was also cut open in a style reminiscent of being trimmed for meat consumption. The autopsy reveals the cause of death was likely a leopard attack, which has Isles questioning her skills as a medical examiner.

When another victim is discovered buried with several similarities to the first crime scene, Isles has a difficult time convincing Rizzoli of the connection that she believes exists between the two cases. To uncover the truth, she must go behind her friend’s back and hope she’s proven right.

The murders appear to be tied to the events of a safari tour that went missing years earlier in Botswana. The guide wiped out the tourists, but one group member survived and now lives in almost total isolation. It now appears the killer is back and hunting for more victims, this time in Boston.

Fans familiar with Rizzoli and Isles through the TNT television show will find the surroundings a bit different, but the characters and intrigue still rock solid. Newcomers to Gerritsen and the franchise will discover a terrific mystery.

Review Ebook Die Again-Tess Gerritsen:

From the moment a mailman glimpses a dog in a window of a West Roxbury house, a human finger in its mouth, Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles know this is no ordinary case.

The finger and the house belong to Leon Gott, a 64-year-old devoted hunter and respected taxidermist. His home is packed with his trophies: A dizzying array of animal heads line the walls, from rhinos, lions, and zebras to leopards, hyenas, and warthogs — “[e]verywhere they looked, eyes stared back at them. A whole gallery of the dead.” To the unfortunate reaction of one patrolman’s stomach, someone has decided to kill Gott in a style befitting the hunter’s prime hobby: The victim is found in his garage “ ‘[h]ung and dressed like game,’ ” as Isles notes. Then, as if that’s not bad enough, in a nearby garbage can, the police discover two sets of organs. Just what gives?

Tess Gerritsen has crafted a whale of a murder mystery, especially if you are a big cat person. Having said that, there’s nothing even close to warm, fuzzy, and fluffy to this story. Gerritsen is a writer who’s never veered too far from a long-established visceral path in her writing — I have vivid ghoulish images burned indelibly in my brain from reading “The Surgeon’’ in 2001. She doesn’t shy away here from the nitty-gritty of blood, guts, and gore, both human and animal.

The story in Boston is deftly interspersed with a years-old safari trip in Botswana, and Gerritsen handles the heady, deadly story in Africa and the meticulousness of a police procedural in America — one that involves not just human murder but the disappearance of a rare snow leopard pelt — with equal ease and aplomb. As Rizzoli and Isles work on puzzling out the Boston mystery, they tangle with a bevy of zookeepers, administrators, and veterinarians, including one Dr. Mikovitz who looks “like a zoo denizen himself, perhaps some exotic species of monkey with wise dark eyes,” as well as the highly-entertaining Jerry O’Brien, a brash, larger-than-life and lover-of-firearms radio jockey known as “Big Mouth O’Brien.”

As always, Gerritsen is terrific on Isles’s outwardly quiet self-containment, and Rizzoli’s relative hot-headedness, as well as on the unyielding depth of their friendship. While their differences can be summed up concisely and neatly — “Cop versus doc, community college versus Stanford University, Adams Ale versus Sauvignon Blanc” — there’s also a stronger shared acknowledgment: as Rizzoli points out to Isles: “ ‘[w]e both chose this work because we’re not sunshine-and-ponies kind of gals.’ ”

Hanging over the pair is the possibility that Isles might be moving to San Francisco, though Rizzoli does her best to knock that option on its head: “ ‘Tell me, who else am I gonna talk to about guts in a trash can?’ ” While Isles has to confront the reality of a mother who abandoned her long ago and is now in prison for murder, and Rizzoli struggles with her parents’ domestic upheaval, they both bring a certain master precision and commitment to their work that, more-often-than-not, takes precedence over the rest of daily life. Though Rizzoli’s husband reminds her that “ ‘There’s more to life than murder,’ ” he also allows her to immerse herself in life’s deadlier aspects a mere few minutes later.

Gerritsen also revels in the richness of the Botswana storyline, exposing the wildness and dangers of the African bush while indulging happily in the more mesmerizing aspects of it. “This is where we all come from,” one character tells another after circumstances have devolved quite alarmingly from a carefree holiday tour to a true-life version of the television series “Survivor.’’ “Some part of you, some ancient memory deep in your brain, recognizes this continent as home. Most people have lost touch with it, but the instincts are still there . . . That’s how you stay alive here, by reaching deep for those ancient memories.”

“Die Again’’ is smart and tightly strung, densely action-packed and full of canny, unsettling observations — like Rizzoli realizing over a dinner-table steak that, “Whether it comes from a cow or human, we are all fresh meat” — as well as a fascinating theory of a possible evolutionary connection between early man and leopards.

Download Ebook Die Again-Tess Gerritsen

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